Why I Use a Breast Milk Pump

The science is in and the news it brings is that mom’s milk beats formulas. I would just like to give a big, Duh!, right here. Who in their right mind would think that a synthetic anything would be better? Well, my husband pointed out that synthetic motor oils are better. I retorted that synthetic lubricants can have better properties, but real oils are better for what real oils can do. In talking about baby food, there are synthetic supplements that can be used to optimize nutrition, but my breast pump from http://www.besthospitalgradebreastpump.com/ makes sure our baby has an adequate supply of real mother’s milk that is chocked full of those enzymes and good bacteria he needs for a healthy start.

Sure, children who consume formula foods live, but do they thrive to the optimum they could have if mom would have breast fed? Also, I am not ignorant that there are reasons to not breast feed that are valid. But, if you can, why not? As with most mammals, the breast milk contains specific properties that help infants get a good solid nutritional start. The bacteria alone help to establish a good microbiome that follows the child all of its life! It is amazing what breast milk from mom can accomplish in the baby’s life.

I am a supporter that the mom of the baby should be providing the breast milk. There is the genetic and environmental factors to consider. I am not completely opposed to a baby who cannot get any breast milk from mom having it from another healthy woman. I would probably opt for a full bacterial analysis first, but that is just the educated person in me talking. To make sure our baby has enough calories and nutrients from breast milk, I pump using my favorite pump from http://www.besthospitalgradebreastpump.com/.