We Hired a Private Investigation Agency That Offers a Mystery Shopper Program

We hired a private investigation agency to help us in a unique way. We own several stores in the region, and we wanted to use what are called mystery shoppers to ascertain whether or not employees were following their training for customer service or not. I found a link that told me to click here for more information about private investigation services.

The agency has many people to use for this service, so it is unlikely any employee could ever guess what is going on or who the mystery shoppers are. We give the agency the things they need to find out, and the agents in the field check out different employees at different stores. Just a few spot checks can really show you were you need to do retraining. We send them out to stores having troubles more often.

In all the time we have been doing this, I have only had to fire one person. There were reports from employees of the person being exceptionally rude, and the mystery shopper confirmed it. For the most part, the service shows that our training works and our employees are exceptional.

For any trouble spots where customer service is not stellar, we can quietly retrain the employees about our policies and procedures. No one other than upper management even knows we use a mystery shopper program that is offered by this private investigation agency. We never reveal it even when there are infractions or when retraining is necessary.

Using services like this help keep us number one among customers. I cannot know every detail of every store in our chain. I need to be able to rely on the information professionals provide me. This service is truly a professional one that we will keep using to keep our employees on track for providing great customer service to our customers.