Keep the Caps on All Your Medications

I started to spend a lot of time with the children in our neighborhood as their parents were at work after they got home from school and they could not afford to send them to after school care so the bus would drop them off at my house and most of the parents would be there within two hours. I made sure that the zyloslim and all the other pills in my house had the child safety tops on them as I knew that was a big precaution that I had to take. I would give them a bottle of water and a small snack but that would be it and every parent paid me twenty dollars per week. I was making a hundred dollars a week from doing this and that was good. In addition, the parents would make sure that they bartered with me while they could with their businesses and services.

I wanted to make sure that I was not held responsible for anything that happened to them while they were here if it was at their own doing, so I had all of the parents sign a waiver and I thought that was really important. My family lawyer told me that I had to have something like this to make sure that I was not taken advantage of and that really scared me so they all signed one. I ended up having them encourage me to go and get a day care license so that I was going to be safe and sound from them pursuing anything more with me and when I got that I had a house full of kids in the summer and during the school vacation days and snow days, it was a great thing for the parents that I got it.