Great Maid Services in Singapore

I am going to need to hire a maid in the near future, because my wife was involved in a pretty bad accident, and she will not be up to her usual domestic tasks for quite awhile. I like the idea of having a maid anyway, and it could be something that I will stick with, even after my wife recovers from her injuries. I am hoping to learn more about fc maid services in the near future, as that is a maid company that I have heard of before, and I am interested in what sort of services and prices they offer.

I wonder if there are any maid services that involve both cooking, and cleaning. I know that I will need to the cleaning part to be done, but I am worried about what I am going to eat in the near future as well. My wife has always cooked all of th food in this house, and to be honest, I am probably one of the worst cooks in the world. I have a tendency to ruin anything that I try to cook, and I have not actually tried to prepare a meal in several years, due to just how terrible I am at cooking.

I would like to hire a maid pretty soon, because the house is already starting to look like a big mess, and that is going to get on my nerves, if it is allowed to go on for very long. I am not a fan of messes, and my wife always used to keep the house so neat and tidy. I hope that she recovers quickly, and I plan to go visit her at the hospital tomorrow. For now, I am going to work out getting a maid arrangement set up for my house.