Everything That I Do is Done to Care for Our Planet

I love just about everything that has to do with nature. I even love the creepy crawly bugs that most people are absolutely terrified by. I have been this way since I was a child, and I know that I got it from my mom who was a hippie in the 70s. When I had my wedding last month, I had a nature theme, gave out tree seedlings wedding favors and held the event outdoors in a forest clearing. Everything was amazing, and my personality really showed in everything that I chose to do with my theme. My husband was really proud of me because he cares a lot about this planet that we live on as much as I do.

Mom said that when she was a teen in the seventies and hippies were popular, she felt like she was at home with people who are just like her. She was at peace and she loved doing things for other people. Later, she met my dad who was a business man, and she put away her leather boots and headbands after that. But she was always a free spirit despite being married to my very business-like dad. He loved mom’s personality, and they still fit well together today. I take after my mom. I have the same calling in life when it comes to caring for others and our planet. I am a free spirit, too. I don’t know how to be any other way.

Mom was pretty happy at my wedding when she saw just how much time and care I put into doing things that are “green” and won’t hurt our planet. I tried to incorporate things that will not make a negative impact on our soil and air. Even the plants that I had for decor were hand grown by me with no pesticides and grew from seeds.