Bringing Magic to My Daughter’s Party

I wanted to have a really special party for my daughter’s tenth birthday. She has been in and out of hospitals for the last two years because of an autoimmune disease, which means she has always had to have limited visitors. Thanks to a transplant surgery nearly six months ago, she is now able to be just like any other kid for the most part. I wanted her to have her first real birthday party in a few years, which is why I hired a kids magician in Brisbane. She has been watching a lot of videos online about magic tricks, so I decided to bring the magic to her for this special day.

I debated on whether to tell her, but I finally decided that it would be more fun for her to be surprised on her special day with all of her friends there with her. I thought that the magician would just come and do some tricks, but it was so much more than that. He did entertain my daughter and all of her friends with some tricks that even stumped us a bit, but that was not all. He made sure she was an integral part of the show by helping him with some tricks, which was the absolute highlight of the day for her.

It was not over though. He knew that there were going to be 15 children there, and he brought them all a magic kit of their very own. He taught them how to do a few tricks, and all of the kids had a total blast with this. The party was such a success that all of the kids were tired by the time it was over. When her guests left, they were all smiling, and they cannot wait until their own birthdays to try and convince their parents they need to have a magician too. With the prices he charged, they may just see him again!