Balance Bikes Are the Way to Go

When I was a child, I could not wait to upgrade from my tricycle to a regular bike. My mom explained that I would need to ride with training wheels before getting to ride a two-wheeler on its ownl. But lately, I had been hearing a lot of moms saying that I should get the best balance bike for my little girl. I had never seen one or heard of them, and I had just assumed that my child would need training wheels like I did in the past.

My daughter began pestering me for a new bike. She was too big for the small tricycle that she had been riding. She loves being outside with her friends, so I knew I needed to do something quickly so that she would not feel left out. Remembering fellow moms advising me of what to get, I figured I should get online and do some research.

I feared that this new bike that I had never heard of before would be expensive and convoluted, but I found that not to be the case at all. Regular two-wheeled bikes have pedals. However, this new type of bike has no pedals at all. Children simply use their feet to propel themselves on the bike. I was not sure if I should get this new type of bicycle, but my daughter said that no one uses training wheels anymore. She also said that if I got her training wheels, she would refuse to use them because the other kids would make fun of her, as they had done to other children. So, that told me I needed to look further into what she was interested in.

Everything online taught me that these new bikes help a child with balance much more than adding a set of extra wheels to an extra bike. The purpose is that it helps any child learn how to both steer and balance much easier and quicker. Kids can also turn corners easily without extra wheels impeding their movement. Anything that would help her was a great idea in my book, so I quickly bought her one. She loves it.